The 5 Best Moisturizer For Dry Skin

1. Minimalist Marula Oil 5% Face Moisturizer


  • Has Vitamin E and Vitamin F , which help in nourishing , maintaining skin softness , moisturizing , protecting and improving the skin barrier
  • The Marula Oil in the moisturizer , has Omega-9 fatty acid and and antioxidant properties which will soothes and softens the skin , help to reduce dark spots , cure hyperpigmentation
  • It will give  long – lasting shiny effect and provide hydration
  • This moisturizer is not only suitable for dry skin but also to those whop have acne – prone skin , the oil in it calm the acne and removes the acne spot making it clear and glowing skin

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2. 4% Urea Deep Moisturizing Cream with Urea, Lactic Acid, and Ceramide Complex


  • Urea and Lactic acid , help in braking down the hardened protein in dry skin thus improving the skin texture
  • 4% urea is absolute YES  for Dry skin as it will hydrate and nourish without making the skin greasy or heavy
  • Lactic acid will remove the dull skin cells from your skin and making skin clear and lightened
  • It also has Ceramide in it , which will remove dark spots , help in brightening , repair damaged skin barrier and many more ….
  • These three Urea , Lactic acid and Ceramide will do wonders on your skin


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3.Cetaphil DAM Daily Advance Ultra Hydrating Lotion for Dry, Sensitive Skin


  • This moisturizer has ERC-5 (Epidermal Replenishing Complex) , it is a unique combination of 5 key ingredients which will help to  relieve dry, sensitive , and acne – prone skin,  providing nourishment and making skin soft and smooth
  • This moisturizers will help the skin to fight against damaged skin barrier, irritation, roughness, tightness and dryness
  • It is proven by dermatologist that is very gentle on the skin , and does not make skin greasy or heavy
  •  Has shea butter , which replenish the skin

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4.Dot & Key Barrier Repair Hydrating pH5.5 Face Cream with Ceramides & Hyaluronic


  • Ceramide in it , will moisturize and  protect the skin barrier against extreme climatic conditions and pollution
  • It is very light cream and does not make your skin sweaty or greasy
  • Ceramide and Hyaluronic acid is absolutely a great pair . Ceramides will help to minimize water loss through the skin , whereas  hyaluronic acid draws in water molecules from the atmosphere towards the skin making skin healthy
  • Most Important , there are no side effects of using Ceramide and hyaluronic acid

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5.  Simple Water Boost Hydrating Gel Creme


  • No Harsh Chemicals are used , which will not irritate any skin type
  • It is best suited for dry skin , this will nourishes the skin without making it heavy
  • Its texture is so airy and light and fast absorbing
  • Made with plant extracts and minerals , which is incredible for your skin health


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So What are you waiting for ?  Go buy these superb moisturizers which are best for your skin .

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