The 5 Best Hair Serum

  Serums are in trend because of their targeted treatment and quick results . Hair Serum is applied on half dry and half wet hair . Hair serum can be of many types like Hair Growth Serum ( use for growing and thickening the hair strands ) , and Serums which prevents frizziness and give quick and long – lasting shine to hair and many more serums .  


L’Oreal Professionnel X-Tenso Care Hair Serum

The Main ingredient of Loreal Professionnel X-Tenso hair serum Pro-Keratin & Incell. 

Has so many benifits like , help in smoothening the hair strands , strengthen , rebuilds the hair , nourishes it and many more . 

It also protect your hair against breakage , frizziness and dryness .

This serum is specially made to provide your hair long-lasting shine and nourishment .

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Livon Hair Serum Spray for Women

Livon Hair Serum has Vitamin B fortified water & serum glossers , that will give your hair quick shine and gloss , cuts the frizz and prevents hair from damage , breakage , pollution , thinning etc .

The small packaging is so cute and a boon for girls , they can take it anywhere , apply it within seconds ( just spray a lil on hair ) and booyah ! Got free from that unwanted , irritating frizzy hair strands .

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Juicy Chemistry Chilli – Horsetail & Black Seed Organic Hair Oil

Juicy Chemistry Chilli is a serum which is clinically or dermatologically proven to grow the hair .

It is filled with Rosemary Oil which is particularly known as expert in growing hair and also a powerful ingredient , that is Kalonji Oil which will control hair fall .

Both , Rosemary Oil and Kalonji Oil are match made in heaven after seeing its properties .

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MATRIX Opti.Care Professional Anti-Frizz Hair Serum

Matrix Hir Serum helps in detangling  your hair, softening the hair texture, increasing the shine, and easy in managing .
 It is proved to be great for chemically treated hair as it help in repairing split ends and frayed tips .  

Pilgrim Advanced Hair Growth Serum

Pilgrim advanced serum contain  Korean ingredients which will stop hair loss or hair fall and improve the thickness of hair strands .

After few weeks of using it , it will start to show incredible results like , growing ,strengthening and thickening of hair strands .

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So what are you waiting for ? Go buy our Selected Serums for your concern and particular treatment . Don’t think twice , These Serums are selected very particularly seeing the problem of people around the India

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